How dmcg's direct marketing consulting services work

Recommendations for direct mail, DRTV, online marketing and all direct response channels

In addition to direct response consulting, dmcg can also implement its recommendations after the client approves them.

This includes direct mail and email creative services, front and back end response analytics, telesales support and all forms of creative development for one-to-one marketing communications.

In the creative arena, Ted has created numerous direct mail controls.

Several publications have commented on controls created by DMCG. Direct Marketer Denny Hatch dissects a dmcg created AARP control direct mail snap pac in the Inside Direct Mail publication. This control persists to this day virtually unchanged in spite of many attempts to displace it over the last decade.

This is a good example of new member acquisition that must achieve sustained response rates across a multitude of list sources running into millions of pieces.

After literally hundreds of direct response tests in all media, Ted brings unique strengths in offer development.

The control displacement process includes thorough research into a client's response history considering both successful and failed offers. Ted combines this research with offers made repeatedly by competitors both within and outside of the client's industry to come up with potential test candidates.

Ted has helped us hone our Direct Marketing practices through the development of better lead and conversion tracking. He has been instrumental in developing our list compilation strategy and on numerous occasions has championed improvement in our process and procedures. His broad background and experience in Direct Marketing would be hard to find elsewhere and serves to supplement and shore up the lack of similar experience internally.
— Randy Starns, Sr. Director Individual Health Products Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

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dmcg services include...

1. Cost effective direct marketing planning.

2. Deep expertise that is usually not available from medium to large agencies that typically assign junior people to direct marketing accounts.

3. Industry expertise in the insurance, managed health care and not-for-profit categories, to name a few.

4. Business perspectives that include both advertising agency and client side experience. 

 Accountable for results, DMCG provides turnkey support

-B2B and B2C lead generation

-Direct marketing strategy and planning

-Direct mail and multiple channel direct response creative development

-Telemarketing lead generation

-Direct marketing operation assessments

-Infrastructure such as database and CRM audits

-Direct marketing or communications staffing audits