How We Work

Our clients turn to dmcg for a variety of services depending upon their needs. These services usually include one of the following areas of direct response activities.

  • Direct marketing program assessments
  • Direct mail, email, telemarketing script, DRTV, print advertising and other creative development incorporating concept development, copywriting to final art
  • Test programs for B2C and B2B lead generation
  • CRM planning and implementation
  • Database setup, planning and implementation
  • Conducting in-house brainstorming sessions
  • Proposal development for advertising agency direct response presentations
  • Face to face consulting to share direct marketing expertise
  • Total direct marketing program leadership

The dmcg compensation offers maximum flexibility for your projects.

Ad Hoc Basis

For short-term projects or for clients who are not yet interested in an ongoing commitment, dmcg offers a flat fee based on the projected hours required to complete your project.

By project

This most often includes a marketing plan and a creative assignment, like a new direct mail package or a series of emails or telemarketing scripts. A set fee is agreed upon at the beginning of the project. More and more clients are asking for general direct marketing consultation. The deliverables sometimes take the form of a written assessment presented to your team in PowerPoint format. These assignments usually evolve into an extended agreement or a direct marketing audit.

Extended Term Agreement

If your programs are ongoing and you need longer term planning and implementation support, then dmcg will prepare a long term agreement for your consideration. The proposal includes a thorough description of the services provided, the goals of the relationship and a monthly fee. The fee reflects a projection of the scope of the assignment. Some of these extended agreements may last no more than four months while others extend beyond one year.

Subcontracted work

Most projects undertaken by dmcg require the services of suppliers, specialists, printers, lettershops, data analysts, compilers, telesales firms, mailing list companies and other subcontracted support to complete client approved direct marketing programs. These subcontractors are paid by dmcg on the client's behalf. In some cases, the logistics require direct payment by the client to contractors hired by dmcg.

Depending upon the assignment, dmcg includes a commission in its supplier estimates and referrals for client work.

Creative development process

First, you tell us about the project and we give you an estimate.

With your approval, you will need to send us background information or put us in touch with people who can provide that information.

Then we'll write a draft for your review.  If you're using one of our graphic designers, we will also provide initial design at this stage.

With your feedback on our draft, we'll provide a revised version of the creative.

How many revisions do you get? 

We don't put a limit on revisions because we want you completely satisfied. Historically, the number of edits for our creative work averages 1-3. 

We know you'll have revisions -- maybe more than a few. But we do not charge for revisions unless you decide to change the direction of the project.


50% of your estimate is due at the inception of the project and the balance is paid upon completion. All invoices are due upon receipt.

Contact Ted for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your particular challenge and how to approach it. Call now for a no-obligation discussion at 972-459-6868 or email Ted.

The Direct Marketing Assessment

The objectives of our direct marketing assessment include:

1. uncovering new money making opportunities;

2. enhancing the effectiveness of your present direct marketing marketing program;

3. proposing new direct marketing activities that are most likely to generate incremental profits.

        This helps our clients improve the sales performance of their direct marketing program as a whole.

        The process includes three to five client sessions to gather pertinent information about your direct response initiatives. We prepare agendas for each session to assure that your proper team members attend those sessions that are relevant to their specific areas.

        For some clients with field activities, we will propose spending a day or two in the field to observe the total selling process.

        Listed is a sample list of the areas dmcg reviews.

        - Database

        - Sales process

        - Tracking

        - Annual plan

        - Media mix

        - Creative work

        - Evaluation criteria

        - Observations

        - Recommendations

        Such a project usually takes three to four weeks to complete. At the end of the project, dmcg makes a formal presentation of the findings with recommendations for overall program improvement.