We are your “virtual” direct marketing agency

You get better results with dmcg’s senior talent and depth of direct response expertise

Ted Grigg finds and contracts with talented direct marketers few clients would be able to hire on a full-time or part time basis.

Sometimes that expertise is industry specific. It is always direct marketing or direct mail marketing specific.

Often referred to as a “virtual” direct marketing agency, this approach works well if the team leader can lead, manage budgets and generally assure compliance to the highest standards of the industry.

As a former top executive for national direct response agencies like Wyse Advertising, William Cook Advertising and Grizzard Advertising, Ted offers the proven ability to beat controls and create money-making direct marketing campaigns.

This means Ted brings the confidence and subject expertise that inspires talented teams in all areas of expertise to deliver winning direct marketing efforts for his clients.

Here are a few of the steps dmcg follows to build your team.

1. Determine the scope of the project.

What services are included? Creative development, list development, program planning, preparing the sales team for the lead flow, database setup, online or internal CRM system requirements with lead and sales tracking capabilities, customer profiling, response propensity modeling, multichannel marketing and so forth.

2. Evaluate what industry expertise is required

For example, for managed care clients, the team needs special knowledge of CMS marketing regulations for healthcare lead and sales generation and basic underwriting rules. Financial clients need to understand underwriting, the regulatory environment and other distinctions associated with business and consumer loans. The travel industry is another that we match the appropriate team to the special demands of this arena. All industries receive the same treatment.

3. Once the resource requirements are determined

Ted selects the copywriter, art director, database practitioner, list broker, online expert, print production sources, service bureau supplier and other needed team members.

4. dmcg then creates a plan of action with a phased approach depending upon the scope of the project

The Action Plan requires in-depth client input. Ted prepares a detailed questionnaire for the client's written input and proceeds with the assessment of the client's present direct marketing program uncovering new moneymaking opportunities and program enhancements. The plan content typically includes a test grid designed to beat existing controls or new direct response tests to distill winning campaign approaches. The last portion of the plan incorporates implementation budgets for client approval.

5. dmcg develops a proposed plan with a financial proforma

This plan blends the budget with the response requirements for achieving the clients' sales and financial objectives.

The preparation of this plan requires considerable time and skill, so there is a flat fee associated with its development. The payoff is that the client now has the documentation required to sell his program internally for budget approval offering clear financial objectives along with a definition of success before proceeding with the proposed program. 

I have known Ted for over 20 years starting back when he was working at Bozell & Jacobs as a direct response account supervisor on our business. I use him now for all of our annual planning or any project that requires isolating and prioritizing all of the options. He makes my job easier and more productive and I recommend him highly to both experienced and inexperienced direct marketers.
— Gene Dalbo, Director Marketing Communications, Boy Scouts of America Supply Division

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The dmcg Difference

Today's fast changing direct marketing space requires unusual strategic insight as well as truly capable teams.

This virtual agency model not only offers you proven expertise at the lowest cost. It also allows dmcg to take on both small and large accounts regardless of the direct marketing problem.

dmcg clients appreciate this level of flexibility that matches the right talent to their specific marketing problems.

Senior expertise nets the best results

Proven expertise yields the best results. dmcg contracts with senior talent that has worked in senior positions on both the agency and client side.