13 Most Powerful Direct Response Words

While doing a search on Target Marketing Magazine’s web site, I found this interesting list of the most powerful words used in direct response copy.WordsSmall.jpg

Notice that all of them have propelled sales to new highs regardless of the industry or product category.

Make sure your copy uses these words often throughout your communications. They speak to the most intimate needs of your customers and prospects.

• You

• Save

• Money

• Results

• Guarantee

• Love

• New

• Easy

• Safety

• Discover

• Health

• Proven

• Free

If they are not a large part of your communications, then your sales are not where they could be. What are some other words you would add to this list? Or do you think they are overused and no longer effective in today’s more sophisticated market?

Posted on November 13, 2007 and filed under Direct Response Creative.