These Misconceptions About Direct Marketing Stick in My Craw

Few things annoy me more than totally inaccurate beliefs or statements made about the direct marketing discipline. They limit the scope and value of the professionals who have dedicated their careers to the field.

This craft we call direct marketing deserves respect. And far too many self described marketers out there believe they have a handle on direct marketing and how it fits into the world of advertising. So I thought I would expose a few of these misconceptions for your consideration and comments.

Misconception 1.

Direct marketing, like PR and sales promotion, is "beneath the line" of awareness advertising.

Misconception 2.

Direct marketing means "direct mail marketing."

Misconception 3.

Direct marketing is a tactic, not a strategy.

Misconception 4.

Online marketing makes direct marketing irrelevant.

You have just read the titles of my next four pasts coming shortly. Do you have others I should address?

Posted on October 28, 2008 and filed under Direct Marketing Strategy.