Marketers Respond To Bad Times

Here I am at Starbucks drinking Pike's brew coffee listening to Christmas music preparing to write this post.

And then it struck me. Things are not going as usual. So I decided to share my thoughts  at a more personal level than usual. 

We hear the discouraging news that somehow blunts a joyful season for many. Jobs lost, homes going through foreclosure, sales dropping, terrorist attacks in India and a new President many trust and just as many do not trust. 

Even if some of these things have happened to us, we still have a lot to be thankful for. And let's give credit where it is due. God takes care of us even when we paint him out of the picture.

How is the marketer supposed to respond to all of this?

For one thing, marketers tend to be optimistic and resilient. They don't despair, but think through the problems to come up with creative action plans. They see opportunity in chaos.

Those who loose jobs seek new opportunities. And those with shrinking marketing budgets now have the time to fix costly and inefficient processes, learn more about their customers or rework key strategies.

Now is the time to refine your understanding of the core strengths of your company, your staff and even your own.

Think hard, plan and then by all means, do something that leverages those strengths.

It's amazing how hard thinking and hard work subdue fear and replaces it with success.

It's OK to get discouraged, but don't let it freeze you into inaction. I lost a few good clients due to the economy and could really use more work. So I'm giving myself the same advice.

Posted on December 4, 2008 and filed under General.