Can Right Brain Driven Clients Succeed With Direct Marketing?

Can Right Brain Driven Clients Cannot Succeed With Direct Marketing? The short answer is no.

I have come to the conclusion that some clients cannot succeed using the direct marketing discipline.

They may be smart, driven and even successful at what they do. But if they are genetically right brain dominant and leading the company's marketing efforts, they do not have what it takes to succeed using direct response strategies.

Why is that so you may ask.
Before answering this, let's establish the characteristics of the two basic types.

Left Brain:     
-Looks at parts

Right Brain:

-Looks at wholes

They both have value. But imbalance either way is deadly.

Most clients fit some where in between. So bear in mind my headline refers to clients who rate between a 9 or 10 on a scale of 10 as extreme right brained individuals.

As you know, we are direct marketers and our strategies depend heavily on left-brain activity. And respect for analytics and relational databases eludes the extreme right brained decision makers.

Ideally, direct marketers want and need clients with a mix of both the left and right brain. An extreme either way will limit company growth.

But if I had to pick between the two extremes, I would select the right brain clients because direct marketers support recommendations with data and analytics. This is something left brainers relish.

On the downside, the right brain leader can suffer from analysis paralysis. In addition, the creative process often bores such a leader to tears. As any knowledgeable direct marketer knows, creative that does not speak to the prospect's emotions will not generate the needed response.

Overall, however, I have observed that the clients who appreciate the power of direct marketing have a strong focus on data analysis. These are the left brain types.

As for pure right brain clients, I walk away from them. There is too much DISCIPLINE and analysis required by the direct marketing discipline to make these clients happy.

Do you have an experience that either refutes or supports my observations? Please comment on it. I'd love to hear your perspective.

Posted on June 2, 2008 and filed under General.