How NOT to Get Fired from Your Marketing Job

What a compelling headline!

This is not mine, but rather a question posed by a marketing leader of other CMOs and marketing executives throughout the US who are MENG members.

Since CMOs keep their jobs for a little over two years on the average, such a question is bound to come up within the minds of marketing types -- at least subconsciously.

Some of the answers are both humorous and sometimes cynical.

Here are a few of them for your thoughts.

-"In a small organization, if [you are the] top marketing dog, make sure the C-Suite Exec you report to is a true believer."
-"Kiss butt.  Corporate jobs don’t care if you know what you are doing; just if they like you."
-"Know who is the real boss."
-"Make your boss look good."
-"Go into Sales...only kidding (but not really)."
-"Do marketing. Don't do all those other sorta marketing jobs that you get asked to do. So [do] your job and keep track of your accomplishments."
-"Don't have an affair with David Letterman."
-"Clearly define your role."
-"It is not your ego but what is best for the Brand."
- This is one of my favorites. "Become a partner with the CFO and keep s/he informed on marketing programs, goals, and ROI estimates so that they are as informed as the CEO (your boss)."

Which comment do you like best. Tell us how you would answer the question, "How do you NOT get fired from your marketing job?'

Posted on October 23, 2009 and filed under General, Recruiting Talent.