Top 5 Marketing Trends in 2009

The Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), consisting of nearly 2000 senior-level marketing professionals across all industries and marketing disciplines along with Anderson Analytics published their second annual survey of Top Marketing Trends for 2009.

Here's the top line report.

  1. Insight and innovation are the keys for succeeding in down economic cycles.

  2. Customer satisfaction and customer retention remain as the move "Back to Core Principles."

  3. Global warming and green marketing showed a drop in importance when compared to last year's responses.

  4. More than ever, marketers are tired of hearing about Web 2 and buzz words like "blogs" and "social marketing" even though they do want to learn more about these things.

  5. China ranked as the number 1 greatest area of marketing opportunities with India following a distant second.

The overall impression coming out of this report points back to the basics that make companies successful. It's not acquisition, testing new media, experimentation with social media or even a focus on technology. But rather an understanding that a happy customer brings in the profits.

Yet some organizations put customer satisfaction in a silo that many marketers are not allowed to touch. Even new product or service development rests with another group far from the marketing function.

Perhaps we should rethink the marketing role.

Our job is to create, offer, sell and cross sell our company's products for maximum growth and profits.

How would you define the marketing role? And do you see other trends in 2009 that are missing from this research summary?

Posted on March 26, 2009 and filed under Direct Marketing Strategy, General.