Four Recent Changes Brought On by the Direct Marketing Discipline

One of my readers asked four thought provoking questions that I answered
and are worth repeating in this post.

1. What are the forces changing DM?

Better return on dollars spent is the driving force behind DM. And with
this recession, that force becomes even more potent.

So it's not so much the forces that are changing DM as events are
creating the perfect storm for the DM strategy.

2. Will there be new media?

Of course there will be.

The mobile phone is already emerging as a mini computer that is truly
available 24 hours a day. Eventually, shoppers will rely upon a single,
powerful device at home and work to make purchase decisions.

Direct marketing and it's call-to-action characteristic now dominate
this new technological environment and assures the growth of new media.

3. How will the Internet play into the future of direct response

Again, it's not so much that the Internet changes direct marketing as
direct marketing leverages the Internet.

The immediacy and interactivity of the Internet delivers the direct
marketer's dream medium.

The Internet enables consumers to use their natural purchasing process
to flourish. By that, I mean that consumers can quickly find out about a
product's reputation from their peers. These shoppers can also find the
best price once they select the product. With the pervasive presence of
the Internet, competitive pricing, ease of purchase and a good
reputation are now givens.

With all of this in place, it is natural to ask for the order. That is
direct response at it's best.

The Internet will become increasingly important to direct marketers and
their companies.

But security and spam issues continue as negative forces that direct
marketers must contend with. Governments will continue to place
increasing pressures to make transactions over the cloud more secure.

Direct marketers will lead the way to compliance with regulations and
will build consumer confidence in email and Internet transactions.

4. How will DM affect the future of cable TV and DRTV as a whole?

DM represents the salvation of broadcast media as it becomes
increasingly dependent on direct marketing to replace the revenues that
continue to decrease in the awareness advertising arena.

What other changes do you think DM brought about in the world of
commerce in the last several years?

Posted on May 26, 2009 and filed under Direct Marketing Strategy.