Resources for Online Demographic Data

I thought I would share some great websites that offer up-to-date online demographic data. Much of this information was compiled by Steven Fox, a member of MENG that caters to high level marketers from all industries.

If you need information that offers immediate data for the following types of items, then the URLs listed below should prove helpful to you. Bear in mind that some reports are free. But the more useful information requires some fee or paid subscription.

Here are some examples of the types of information you have available from these sites.

- Email facts and trends by specific industries

- Cell phone use and topics related to integrated media

- Demographics of Internet users

- The percentage of Internet users who do a given activity on a "typical day"

- Percentage of customers that come from online searches

- A chart showing home broadband adoption since 2000

- Percentage of searchers who use Google, Yahoo or some other search engine

- Streaming video usage and applications over time

- Historical perspectives on the growth of social media over the last five years

- Percentage of web users who never go past the first page of a given website found by a search engine

This list is not exhaustive, but it should represent a good reference list for most of you.

If you use other sites, then please share it in your comments. I would like to strengthen this list beyond the above list for all readers of this blog and my clients.

Posted on July 20, 2010 and filed under Online Marketing.