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The Top 4 Misconceptions Marketers Must Face in 2014

There are 4 powerful misconceptions that suck the energy out of potentially effective marketing strategies.Be on the lookout for these because they also represent opportunities once you recognize and disarm them. Here is the first misconception. Misconception #1 -- Traditional media no longer works

The Marketer's Job #1

We tend to focus on the tasks, tactics and strategies marketers use rather than their role. Positioning products, branding the company, analyzing the competitive environment, creating the messaging, outbound combined with inbound marketing, establishing an effective CRM program -- all of these are generally how the job is done and not why the job may or may not be getting done.
Posted on March 7, 2013 and filed under Branding, General, Marketing.

Integrating Direct Marketing Know-How with Digital Marketing

From the digital marketer's perspective, why should (s)he want to seek the advice of a direct marketer? In my view, this is the real obstacle. Some digital marketers do not think direct marketers bring value to their programs. Could it be that digital media "experts" quickly develop tunnel vision tempting them to think they own the solution to all marketing problems and never recognize the need develop the breadth needed to look at all of the alternatives?
Posted on December 20, 2012 and filed under Direct Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing.