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Does Strategic Vision Confuse Marketers?

We've heard the hackneyed phrases like: "He can't see the forest for the trees?" Or "Why can't he see the vision?" In my life's experiences hiring, managing and working with many types of individuals I've concluded that strategic vision is the ability to step back and look at the many possible futures coming out of key decisions. In other words, vision requires seeing the outcome without the benefit of all of the information. Strategists create outcomes based on what dominoes to push to make things happen the way they want they to. The key point -- strategic vision must make decisions before the facts occur. This naturally requires imagination, visualizing key activities and selecting those activities that lead to the desired outcome.

The Top 4 Misconceptions Marketers Must Face in 2014

There are 4 powerful misconceptions that suck the energy out of potentially effective marketing strategies.Be on the lookout for these because they also represent opportunities once you recognize and disarm them. Here is the first misconception. Misconception #1 -- Traditional media no longer works