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Ignoring this Key Direct Marketing Strategy Assures Failure

Nothing baffles me more than seeing clients refuse to test their direct mail creative work, offers and mailing lists. It borders on stupidity. After testing several thousand direct mail packages during my long career in this business, clients refues to test when they could improve their response rates by 200-600% with smart testing.

The Top 4 Misconceptions Marketers Must Face in 2014

There are 4 powerful misconceptions that suck the energy out of potentially effective marketing strategies.Be on the lookout for these because they also represent opportunities once you recognize and disarm them. Here is the first misconception. Misconception #1 -- Traditional media no longer works

"We Did What You recommended, But It Failed"

Have you ever heard these words from a boss or client at some point in your career? "We did what you recommended, but it failed." I suspect you have. If not, then it's a matter of when and not if. No doubt that in some cases, this indictment reflects the truth. But more likely is an accuser who has ignored key elements in your recommendations that you warned would make or break the program.
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