Your personal “think-tank” for direct marketing planning and strategy

In the last twenty-five years, Ted has spent several hundred million dollars for direct marketing clients in all available direct response media.

Agency and client side experience

He brings the advantage of having worked on both the agency and client side of direct marketing. And, he’s been responsible for successful campaigns in multiple industries including technology, membership programs, telecommunications, national franchises, retail, finance, insurance, food service, health care, fundraising, transportation, entertainment and travel.

Managed care and insurance lead generation for over 60 healthcare related companies

Prior to establishing his first independent direct marketing consultancy, Grigg and Associates, Inc. Ted worked as an executive for the Veterans life Insurance Company in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and later for HealthAmerica Corporation (a national HMO) generating incremental revenue and creating new Medicare insurance products for these firms using direct marketing and database marketing strategies.

Launched and built several successful direct marketing agencies

On the agency side, he founded Wyse Direct, a successful new division for Wyse in Cleveland, OH. Principal clients there included Stouffer Hotels and Resorts, Edward D. Jones, Seiko-Mead and AT&T.

Following that assignment, The Grizzard family in Atlanta, Georgia asked Ted to launch Grizzard beyond its wide base of fund raising clients into “commercial” business. This objective again required the establishment of a new agency called Grizzard / The Agency (merged with Russ Reid and renamed one&All in 2017 that later merged with Omnicom). He transformed Grizzard from a direct mail production operation to a full-service direct marketing agency. There he captured such accounts as Lufthansa Airlines, Southwestern Bell, Johnston and Murphy Shoes and South Trust Bank‘s affinity card division.

Launched dmcg in 2001

Armed with years of high volume direct marketing and high quality direct marketing experience, Ted relaunched his independent consultancy in 2001 renaming it from Grigg & Associates to dmcg.

It was during his experiences as a DM consultant that he continues to write articles and conduct seminars on direct marketing techniques. He also wrote and published a book: The HMO/PPO Marketing Plan -- A Step-by-Step Guide through Executive Enterprises in New York City.

Away from the job, Ted is still married to his college sweetheart with one beautiful daughter who fortunately takes more after her mother than her father. He is also a Mac geek and a science fiction buff!

Call Ted directly now at 214-280-2398 or email him with your questions for a FREE 30-minute consultation. You can also check him out on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/tedgrigg.

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