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You get to work with team members selected to meet your needs

As a former president at two highly successful direct marketing agencies and client executive with P&L responsibility for multi million dollar direct response budgets, Ted Grigg customizes his teams to meet your assignment specifications.

As the account leader on your assignment, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with seasoned professionals.

You typically get deeper expertise than you would from traditional direct marketing agencies where the average employee on your account has less than three to five years of experience.

The typical dmcg team consists of Ted Grigg as the principal planner, a database analyst, a direct response copywriter and a direct response art director. Based on your needs, we contract with a proven team of printing, lettershop, database management, DRTV producers and list development suppliers as needed to complete your project.

In some cases, you may not need a full team since Ted can act as a solo consultant for you and your organization.

dmcg has access to over 50 highly qualified, proven direct marketing specialists available at a moment's notice for your most complex assignments.

How Are We Different?

Emphasis on testing and relentless back-end response analysis.

In one direct mail test, a dmcg test package beat a control by reducing lead costs by 40%.

For a large mailer with millions of past customers, dmcg reduced the cost per sale by over 30% on customer mailings while maintaining the same drop volumes.

Evaluation and establishment of cost-per-lead, cost-per-sale and cost-per-customer allowables.

One client historically moved their marketing budgets up or down based on how sales went the year before. With advice from dmcg, the client now establishes the marketing budget by multiplying the new customer acquisition goals the Cost Per Sale (CPS) allowable.

Creative approaches for increasing response rates based on the results from a large volume of tests in multiple industries and channels.

After probably close to 1,000 controlled direct response tests in direct mail, DRTV, freestanding inserts, outbound telemarketing, multichannel and a combination of all of these, dmcg knows what to test for maximum ROI.