Generating leads in a hyper-competitive market place while simultaneously lowering the cost-per-inquiry – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Creating winning B2B insurance lead generation takes more than luck

For Blue Cross Blue shield of Texas, beat a three-year standing control for an individual health insurance lead-generation direct mail package in a three-way test. The client ran two DMCG created direct mail packages against the control package.One of the new DMCG packages beat the control increasing response rates by more than 30%.

The DMCG list portion of the test also increased the Client's circulation by better than 40%.


dmcg Benefits

Engaging dmcg in your next project provides a number of benefits

1. More cost effective than comparable services provided by direct marketing agencies

2. Provides deeper expertise than medium to large agencies that typically assign junior people to your account

3. Unusual depth of expertise in the insurance and managed health care industries

4. Business perspectives that include both advertising agency and client side experience

5. Multichannel expertise including direct mail, outbound and inbound telemarketing, broadcast and print