Finding ways to beat long-standing direct mail controls when all else has failed – AARP

Beat a seven-year standing control direct mail package

For AARP, beat a seven-year standing direct mail control by creating an innovative test package that generated a 40% increase in response for the same membership offer combined with a 15% decrease in package cost.

Saved millions of dollars AND increased the response rate

This saved millions of dollars on a circulation of nearly 50 million packages each year. AARP has not been able to displace this package format (though never used by AARP until this test) for 12 years running.

dmcg Benefits

Engaging dmcg in your next project provides a number of benefits

1. More cost effective than comparable services provided by direct marketing agencies

2. Provides deeper expertise than medium to large agencies that typically assign junior people to your account

3. Unusual depth of expertise in the insurance and managed health care industries

4. Business perspectives that include both advertising agency and client side experience

5. Multichannel expertise including direct mail, outbound and inbound telemarketing, broadcast and print