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We create direct marketing programs that consistently deliver the lowest possible Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Sale

This ability comes only with Ted Grigg's 30 years of high level direct marketing experience spending millions of dollars for testing in all available channels across many industries. Highly experienced creative teams, database experts and analysts bring their own considerable expertise to bear on your marketing challenges.

Access to dmcg's proven, freelance network and his own expertise, dmcg brings premier direct marketers to you throughout the US.

Clients sometimes tell us that they hire us to lead them into testing offers, channels, direct mail formats or any number of other variables that have the best chance of beating their controls. This testing approach applies to all channels including direct mail marketing, email, online, DRTV, direct response print advertising, inbound/outbound telemarketing and mobile marketing.

We do not always beat your controls that took years to develop. But testing against your controls is essential once they begins their downward response slide.

After testing literally hundreds, if not thousands of different variables in multiple industries, we have the credibility and confidence to help you narrow down your field of options focusing only on creative work that has the best chance of winning.

Here's the process we use.

Define success before launch

The financial criteria we use to evaluate the success and ultimate expansion of a test program include the following.

- How much can you afford to spend on an average sale?

- How much can you afford to spend on each lead at a given conversion rate?

We help you define success before embarking on any direct marketing program.

Before we start the planning process, we begin with your financial pro forma. This simply means that you and your financial people provide us with the key numbers (that is, your Key Performance Indicators). Based on these numbers, we then prepare a simple formula or use one you already created to help you determine if a program warrants expansion or not.

The Seven Steps to Successful Direct Mail

1. Determine if direct mail can achieve the marketing objectives

- Calculate your allowable Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Lead

- Then calculate the required response for achieving the allowable

2. Research the target lists and their size to make sure the rollout potential makes a test mailing worth the cost and effort

3. The list stands as the most important element in direct mail success, so put the best minds and talent to refining the mailing list

4. Test several direct mail packages at the same time to increase the breakthrough opportunities

5. Create the direct mail concepts before going to finished art showing the offers and formats for all of the test packages in order to get an accurate reading on the mailing costs

6. Hire the appropriate resources to produce and track direct mail package deliveries in real time

7. Now comes the evaluation stage

- Use the response doubling date starting from the day you receive your first responses. Most companies use two to three weeks for national mailings. Take the total responses for those weeks and multiply it by two to project your total response rate for your mailing.

- Determine if a continuation of the program is appropriate based on the cost per sale.