FREE Direct Marketing White Papers Written by Ted Grigg

It Works Compared to what?

“You would think that in today’s sophisticated marketing environment and strong need to make each advertising dollar count that companies would have mastered the ability to evaluate the success of their lead generation, store traffic building efforts or other direct marketing programs. But the sad truth is that in the last 20 years of my direct marketing experience, clients still struggle with the basics.”

11 Steps to Direct Mail Success

“ - Is the mailing competitively priced and within budget? The direct marketing creative director recognizes that his job is not only to create attractive work that brands a product, but just as importantly, he must sell the client’s products or services at an acceptable cost per sale...  -Is the offer easy to understand? This is not the time to try and sell everything you have by offering multiple options. Talk about the benefits the respondent will enjoy by responding immediately to your offer.”

The Missing Link to Successful Direct Mail: the Creative Brief

“Nothing causes the creative team more stress than clients who never seem happy with the creative work. If you’ve worked in this business for a while, you know the story only too well. In spite of brilliant execution and access to top creative talent, multiple revisions serve only to raise the temperature of the project. In the end, the creative process destroys trust and respect on both sides of…”

The Direct Marketing Opportunity… Direct Marketers Evaluate the Opportunity for Rollout Potential First

“… you need to evaluate the size of the opportunity. Only then will most P&L managers allocate the resources you need to make your direct marketing promotions successful.”

Talent Dilemmas in Watered-Down DM

"Branding, positioning, direct marketing and even merchandising are so integrated in today's business strategy that they have watered down the full potential of the direct marketing discipline. Contrary to popular belief, this dilution may be hurting the careers of seasoned direct marketing strategists as well as the future of all direct marketers.

Avoid the Five Deadly Lead-Generation Mistakes

“In the past 20 years as a practicing direct marketer working in the insurance sales lead-generation arena for insurance companies, I have found that they make one or more of five deadly mistakes that lead to low response rates.”

Nuts and Bolts: Branding

“It never fails. General agency professionals and clients who spend their careers building brands go limp when it comes time to ask for the order. It’s as if the call to action needed to get a reasonable response rate from the target audience somehow demeans the brand.”

Direct Mail : Hidden Profits

“Properly executed direct mail audits uncover new profit-making opportunities by increasing response rates and cutting costs. The term “audit” carries negative undertones, because the IRS and other enforcement agencies use audits to reveal fraud or abuse that carries fines and other penalties.”