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Let us create your next direct mail control

Several publications have commented on controls created by dmcg.

Denny Hatch writes an article entitled "Anatomy of a Control" for the insidedirectmail publication about an AARP control direct mail package dmcg created over a decade ago. In spite of many attempts to displace this Snap Pac direct mail control package with numerous direct mail tests, this mailer remains the control virtually unchanged to this day. 

This is a good example of new member acquisition that must achieve sustained response rates across a multitude of list sources running into millions of pieces.

How should you evaluate a direct marketing consulting resource?

After literally hundreds of direct response tests in all media, the key strategists at dmcg bring unique strengths in offer development.

The process includes thorough research into a client's response history considering both successful and failed offers. We then combine this research with offers made repeatedly by competitors to come up with a client’s potential offer test candidates.